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PollView Enterprise™
Monitor and Control Store Based Systems.

PollView Enterprise is a combination of selected Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) technologies, specially priced and available only to retailers. PollView Enterprise allows retailers to automate, monitor and control the management of store-based systems, networks, and applications from a central location. It is a seamless combination of PollView Advanced, which oversees the Polling Server, and the full featured RSM management options available for the remote targets.

Reduce the expense and overcome the challenges of managing widely dispersed store systems with PollView Enterprise.

  • PollView Enterprise operates across any network connection, including the low bandwidth, intermittent dial-up networks common to retail.
  • with Software Distribution and Remote Control, retailers can automatically distribute and activate the software applications that help keep stores competitive.
  • Event Monitoring, Asset Management and Remote Control ensure that help desk personnel will have the information and tools to act proactively to avoid costly systems downtime.
  • Define, automate and monitor the execution of important store policies.

The Bottom Line. PollView Enterprise gives your IT staff the tools to automate, monitor and control store systems, leaving your store personnel free to concentrate on their most important job- sales and customer service.

Powerful Core Functionality. Using the power of PollView Enterprise, retailers can automate, monitor and control:

  • Data transport, including store polling and distribution of data
  • Remote control for support and training (remote operator)
  • Software delivery
  • System events and alerts
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Asset management, including hardware and software inventory
  • Virus detection and correction
  • Network management
All from a central console, without any intervention by store personnel!

Define, monitor, and store IT Policies with PollView Enterprise.
Companies generally dictate their own IT policies - enforcement is another matter. PollView Enterprise is a policy based management solution in which specific actions can be automatically triggered based on the occurrence of certain events. For example, upon detection of unauthorized software (such as games, Internet access programs, etc.) installed on a remote system, PollView Enterprise can automatically delete the application and send a warning message to the remote user with a copy to the system administrator. Similarly, PollView Enterprise can help retailers define and monitor policies regarding back-ups, virus protection, or manual execution of critical store based applications.

Easy to Use, Easy to Monitor via the RealWorld Interface™.
These administrative functions are centrally managed by a corporate PollView Enterprise server that includes a full copy of Unicenter®. Store locations are represented as icons on the intuitive map interface. Status of the various management components of PollView Enterprise and access to their features are available through the WorldView™ , Unispace™ and/or Unicenter® Console™ interfaces.

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WorldView Interface
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Unicenter Console


A Closer Look at PollView Enterprise

PollView Enterprise's integration with Unicenter® provides various intuitive interfaces allowing systems administrators, data center operators and help desk personel the ability to automate, monitor and control various disciplines of store systems and networks from a business perspective. The examples listed below illustrate just how easy it is.

The Worldview™ Map Interface
In the example below the status of automated store polling is indicated by icon color. Site icons change color to indicate initialized, active, successful or failed polling activity. Green signifies success, Red indicates failure. Right click on the red site to view an error log, initiate a demand call, or launch a remote control session.

With the WorldView Map, data transport sites are mapped to their geographical locations, providing an intuitive view of distributed resources. All data transport functions can be monitored and controlled from the context pop-up menus on each icon. This provides the data transport administrator the ability to:

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Monitor and Control the status of store systems and automated functions via the WorldView™ interface.
  • Quickly determine the status of transport operations as the site icons change color to indicate initialized, active, successful, or failed transfers
  • Initiate delivery from or polling to the central site
  • Start and stop the data transport server operation
  • Monitor the status of transfer ports
  • Remotely control a site to perform diagnostics
  • Generate site status or detail reports
  • Start the various manager interfaces directly from the map


The WorldView Unispace™ Interface:
The figure below shows the WorldView Unispace of the Central Store Server. This may be either an in-store processor or headquarters server, depending on your environment and needs.

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Central Store Server Unispace
The icons within the Unispace provide central access to the following functions:
  • System monitoring and log agents (disk space, CPU, processes, system logs, etc.)
  • Database agent
  • Performance agent
  • Event management (console and workload)
  • Problem management
  • Software delivery
  • Data transport
  • Asset management


Monitor System Agents
Icons change colors to notify the administrator of status changes in these functional areas. For example, the System Agent can be configured to monitor disk space utilization and raise an alert if it goes above a configurable threshold:

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System Agent Disk Monitor
This figure shows how the status of the System Agent has been set to warning (yellow) status since the D: and E: drives have exceeded their configured thresholds. The administrator can choose to simply acknowledge this condition or remedy the problem by utilizing the Remote Control Option to remove unneeded files from the drives. Another method for handling this condition is to use the Event Management Console to run a clean up command when the System Agent raises this alert.


Unified Event Management Console™
The figure below shows a snapshot of the Unicenter Event Management Console. This powerful facility allows filtering and highlighting of messages so the administrator can focus on significant events. The console facility also provides a Decision Support database that can automate responses to messages based on their content. The database can be set up to automate such responses as EMAIL, paging, and command execution at the local or remote node.
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Unicenter Console


The Unicenter options that comprise PollView Enterprise
Of the many options available for Unicenter, the ones selected for inclusion in the PollView Enterprise bundle represent the best choices for retailers' needs.
  • Advanced AntiVirus Option: the premier antivirus solution for heterogeneous networks offering unmatched centralized enterprise management and virus protection.
  • Advanced Storage Option: combines leading edge performance, automation and simple disaster recovery to set the standard for heterogeneous backup.
  • Asset Management Option: a comprehensive solution for proactively managing IT assets in a heterogeneous environment. AimIT provides system-wide policy-based management by combining ease-of-use with advanced functionality.
  • Remote Control Option: a reliable and secure application for controlling remote Windows systems via network access, dial-up or the Internet.
  • Software Delivery Option: enterprise-wide automated distribution, installation and upgrades of software. Eliminates the need to physically install software, including operating systems, on individual machines throughout the enterprise.
  • System Agents: control the system environment by monitoring status, event, and configuration information for critical operating system parameters.
For detailed information on the individual Unicenter components of PollView Enterprise,
Other G&Z options available for PollView Enterprise
These are the additional options available to add to PollView Enterprise.
  • The G&Z RAS option: G & Z Systems' offers an optional RAS integration package for PollView that supports target systems connected via RAS. (Dial-up networking)
    Use of RAS for dial-up permits the sharing of a single modem for multiple applications including remote control.

  • Support for CA-XCOM Targets: Enables PollView to manage file transfers to and from remote sites running the XCOM product. This is a useful solution for remote sites for which there is no MLINK target, such as AS/400 or MVS.

  • Support for FTP: This option provides support for file transfer to or from any site running a standard FTP server.

  • Simplify site initated transfers over the Internet with GZPplex : GZPPlex Provides TCP/IP port multiplexing for ACM site-initiated polling. Also available is a new GZPplex utility that will enable an individual MLINK site, using the Windows RAS Dialer, to attach to the internet and connect to the ACM server in one step.

  • Support for CA-Advantage Data Transport Targets: Allows managed file transfers to and from remote sites running the Advantage Data Transport (forerly known as TransportIT or Unicenter Data Transport - DTO) product.

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PollView Enterprise: Rightsized & Rightpriced for Retail™

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