PollView Enterprise™ is a carefully selected bundle of RightSized & RightPriced for Retail Unicenter®, BrightStor™ and eTrust™ components with key integration from G & Z Systems. All of the following options comprise the PollView Enterprise bundle. They are available as seperately purchased options in PollView Advanced™.
A detailed description of each component is available as a PDF file following each summary description.
Unicenter NSM
The Unicenter Network and Systems Management solutions provide a solid foundation for building a successful eBusiness that can adapt to rapidly evolving conditions and new business models. These focused solutions improve the availability, performance, and service levels of today's increasingly complex enterprises. By managing a diverse set of network devices and systems, Unicenter Network and Systems Management solutions deliver the highest quality experience that eBusiness customers and partners have come to expect. (985KB PDF)
CA AntiVirus
CA AntiVirus is the only comprehensive, integrated anti-virus solution for complex enterprise environments. With an array of enhanced management features as well as a host of advanced virus protection capabilities, this option provides unmatched virus protection for the enterprise network environment. (932KB PDF)
CA ARCserve
CA ARCserve Backup is a comprehensive integrated management solution for enterprise-wide data storage. Its leading-edge backup, restore, and disaster recovery features ensure complete data protection with unparalleled performance, scalability, ease-of-use, and automation. (564KB PDF)
Unicenter Asset Management Option
Unicenter Asset Management is a flexible tool to manage your IT assets in a heterogeneous environment. It allows automatic discovery of hardware, network and software inventory information including PDAs across your enterprise networks. Using policy based management functions, you can administer the configuration of desktops and servers throughout your enterprise from one location and capitalize on its integrated and extensive cross-platform reporting facility. (1.5MB PDF)
Unicenter Remote Control Option
The Unicenter Remote Control Option is a comprehensive and versatile management solution, enabling system administrators, help desk staff, trainers, and telecommuters to assume control over one or more desktops and servers from any remote location worldwide. (308KB PDF)
Unicenter Software Delivery Option
The Unicenter Software Delivery Option automates software distribution, installation, and upgrades of applications,operating systems, and files. This scalable solution provides the broadest platform and protocol coverage for comprehensive software administration throughout the enterprise. (674KB PDF)

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